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Professional Coaching Services




Darby Coaching Services Provides

Executive-level Coaching for Non-Executives.  

Focused Thinking - Positive Energy - Aligned Actions

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Personal Development

I assist individuals willing to commit to the coaching process while creating a thinking partnership that provides the focused thinking, positive energy, and aligned actions that make their milestones materialize.

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I assist current and former athletes in using personal development strategies to successfully transition from playing sports to excelling in life beyond the game. 

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Nonprofit Programs

I assist nonprofit programs in delivering impactful coaching and career development programs to the underserved.

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Consistently performing at the top of your potential.

What would your future look like filled with visions turned into reality?  But here's the truth: you may struggle with discipline, following through on goals, and self-sabotage. It's making you question if achieving your dreams is even possible or if it's worth pursuing at all.  It's time to change that narrative and seize control of your journey. Believe in your self and create the future you deserve.

Partners of DCS

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Public Allies is a national movement committed to advancing social justice and equity by engaging and activating the leadership of all people.

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Our mission at Big Poppa Mo’s is to provide Big Taste and Big Impact! We pride ourselves in creating tasty snacks that allow you to snack with a purpose.

Our services

Professional Coaching Services

Safe Space

Coaching provides a safe, non-judgmental space where you can authentically explore your innermost self, while receiving guidance and support to uncover new pathways that lead to greater clarity, confidence, and the achievement of your goals.

Areas of Specialization

While I work with anyone willing to commit to the coaching process, I specialize in working with former athletes (college or pro) and members of underserved communities, focusing on building self-discipline/habits/mindset and
career development/transitions.

Active Partnership

This is an active partnership that will help you move forward in reaching your goals. Professional coaching is not therapy or a deep dive into your past - it's a safe space for you to be yourself and achieve your goals with more clarity and confidence moving forward.

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Meet Your Coach

About Matt Darby

After retiring from the NFL, my passion for coaching began while I was earning a Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals  Certificate from the Co-Active Training Institute in 2006. Since then, I've been utilizing coaching techniques to support others in their pursuit of personal and  career development. I'm driven by a strong work ethic, unwavering dedication to personal growth, and the ability to strategize. My coaching style is built upon best coaching practices combined with critical thinking, self-discipline, and systems thinking.

Our services

Your Benefits & Results

Increased goal attainment

Harness the power of focused coaching to elevate your goal attainment. With personalized guidance, accountability, and strategic action plans, we empower you to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and consistently achieve your desired outcomes.

Improved self-esteem

Elevate your self-esteem with our transformative coaching services, where we create a nurturing environment that fosters self-acceptance, self-belief, and self-worth. Through personalized guidance and empowering techniques, we help you cultivate a positive self-image.

Increased motivation

Ignite and sustain your motivation through our coaching services, where we provide the support, encouragement, and strategies to keep you inspired and driven towards your goals. Experience a renewed sense of purpose and unleash your full potential.

Greater well-being

Experience greater well-being through our comprehensive coaching services, where we address all aspects of your life, including physical, mental, and emotional health. With personalized strategies, self-care practices, and holistic support, we guide you towards balance and resilience.

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What others have to say about Matt Darby and
Darby Coaching Services.

Matt’s coaching has been instrumental, leading me to uncover solutions to challenges across lifestyle, work-life balance, relationships, and more. Through authenticity and by way of leading someone to shift perspectives, discover clear action items, and or just zoom out to see the bigger picture —  Matt helps you unlock the path to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Anthony F., former client

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