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Professional Coaching Services

Coaching is a safe space where you can fully be yourself and discover new pathways to achieve your goals with more clarity and confidence. 


Are you unsure of what the coaching process is? Go to my Book Now page to schedule two free mini-sessions to experience the benefits for yourself, with no further obligations. Don't continue to wonder what coaching is about - experience it for yourself. 

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Business Colleagues

How We're Different

Areas of Specialization

While I work with anyone willing to commit to the coaching process, I specialize in working with former athletes (college or pro) and members of underserved communities, focusing on building self-discipline/habits/mindset and navigating career development/transitions.

Active Partnership

I work to provide high-quality service at an affordable investment without wasting your time.

Professional coaching is focused on creating an active partnership that will help you move forward in reaching your goals. Professional coaching is not therapy or a deep dive into your past - it's a safe space for you to be yourself and achieve your goals with more clarity and confidence moving forward.

Click here for more information on what professional coaching is and what it is not.

What's the benefit?

Your Benefits & Results

When you invest in, and commit to, the professional coaching process, here are some of the benefits and results that can happen for you:

A safe space for exploration and growth

Increased personal and professional productivity

Personal development

Increased motivation

Improved work/life integration

Increased goal attainment

Identification and use of strengths

Greater clarity and confidence to move forward

Improved self-esteem

Greater well-being

Speaker / Storyteller

Everyone has a story.

I am passionate about sharing my story and the lessons I have learned throughout my life. Through failure, success, and a dedication to personal growth, I have developed an unwavering mindset that has enabled me to pursue and reach my major life goals.

I'd love to connect with your organization or group and offer a unique perspective on the journey toward achievement. Through the sharing of many unique life stories, I can tailor my message to your organizational needs.


I'm available for bookings. Reach out today, and let's discuss how I can best serve you.

Click here to book with me today!

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